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The natural facelift by CL is finally in Lyon, France: it’s time to make an appointment for your premium course of treatments!

You have been waiting with bated breath. HoliFitness® will finally be available at the famous Centre Cléage, a temple of beauty and rejuvenation located in the Rhône valley. Starting September 2016 until July 2017, Chantal Lehmann and her team are bringing their scientifically proven HoliFitness® natural facelift to the people of Lyon. This holistic health expert is offering those living in Lyon the chance to follow a never before seen course of treatments that includes 20 HoliFitness® massage sessions. Hurry because there are only 21 spots available for the HoliFitness® treatment regimen!

Soon you will be able to enjoy Chantal Lehmann’s professional expertise in Lyon!

Chantal and her team are looking for interested individuals based in Lyon

Soon Chantal Lehmann’s Parisian clientele will not be the only ones able to experience and enjoy this holistic health specialist’s wide range of knowledge.

Starting in the Fall of 2016, the creator of the HoliFitness® facelift and her collaborators, Sophie and Bastien, will be bringing their talents to Lyon. Those living in Lyon will be able to discover HoliFitness®’ unique massage techniques. Chantal Lehmann developed this facial massage by combining 15 years of research, studies, experiments and observations that she conducted during her travels to the four corners of the earth.

This exceptional offer will be available in Lyon for approximately one year (this time period may be extended). In order to celebrate the occasion, Chantal Lehmann has come up with a special massage session package: a course of treatments that includes 20 anti-aging facial massage sessions spread out over an 11 month period between September 2016 and July 2017. Appointments slots are available Monday through Saturday from 10AM – 10PM.

These massage sessions will take place on a regular basis at the Centre Cléage located near Place Bellecour. A detailed calendar of the schedule can be downloaded here. The Centre Cléage is well known for performing medical procedures and aesthetic surgery. In order to offer its clientele a full range of options, the Centre has added this scientifically proven 100% natural alternative to its list of services.

How to make an appointment

When considering the enthusiasm that the HoliFitness® massage has conjured up in Paris, it is only logical to think that the limited number of appointments offered in Lyon will be filled up quickly. In fact, the French press and television programs have not stopped praising this massage! Only those that act quickly will be able to experience and enjoy this deep-acting and rejuvenating massage treatment that is part of the advantageous Premium Chantal Lehmann package deal.

Make sure that you set aside time in your calendars and agenda books for your HoliFitness® appointments in Lyon. Starting now, you can visit the Chantal Lehmann e-shop to reserve appointment blocks for this natural facelift massage at your convenience. It should be noted that it is possible to change your appointments directly online with our safe and secure system.

The Premium course of natural facelift treatments costs a total of €4,200. You can opt to make this payment in three instalments, without any extra expenses.

The HoliFitness® massage sessions will take place at the Centre Cléage, 1 rue de la Barre, 69 002 Lyon, France.
Dates: September 12, 2016 to July 29, 2017 (a calendar is available for download at the end of this article).

Make sure that you verify that you are free of all previous engagements on the dates that you choose before committing yourself to this treatment. However, it is entirely possible to gift your course of treatments to the person of your choosing.

Throughout the entire duration of the course of HoliFitness® treatments, all clients partaking in this treatment are asked to sign a statement proving that they have not received any filler injections one month prior to each session.

You will be able to reserve the days for your treatments once you have paid. Your payment can be made using the Chantal Lehmann e-shop.

You can also set up your appointments for the “HoliFitness® Lyon 2016” course of massage treatments by contacting Chantal Lehmann and her team by telephone at 01 78 76 90 02.

Chantal is more than happy to offer you a personalized consultation this summer as an introduction to the course of HoliFitness® treatments.

HoliFitness®: the scientifically proven natural facelift

An authentic and efficient facial massage

The HoliFitness® is an exclusive massage that brings shape and life back to your face while naturally lifting your eyes, forehead, cheeks, frown lines, crow’s feet, nose, mouth, etc. This massage skillfully blends 130 different massage techniques and works on the 40 muscles of the face, upper back, chest and neck.

This high-end holistic massage regimen was created entirely by Chantal Lehmann. It heightens the process that detoxifies and oxygenates the skin’s tissues. HoliFitness® also balances your energy by utilizing the acupuncture meridians.

On top of its natural lifting effects, a HoliFitness® massage session will also bring you a feeling of wellbeing, induce positive thoughts and help you get more restorative sleep. The HoliFitness® massage procedure is as follows:

  • Your first session will start with a short anatomy class about your facial muscles, given by Chantal
  • We will pinpoint your needs and personalize your massage by observing your facial expressions and gathering information about your lifestyle in order to maximize the massage’s anti-aging action
  • A warm up, including a shoulder, back and chest massage, which relaxes your muscles (trapezius, neck and the muscles supporting the head) and prepares your facial muscles for the massage
  • A more precise massage that works the facial muscles in order to plump the face, bringing it life, strength and form
  • Meticulous massage of the muscles, which are worked on individually and then by group (contraction and elongation). The facial features are plumped and sagging zones are lifted.

HoliFitness® is a deep massage that stimulates the muscles, bringing shape back to the contours of the face while naturally reducing wrinkles that are caused by repeated facial contractions. Its effects are undeniable and have been scientifically proven.

The natural facelift for men and women of all ages!

The benefits that come from the HoliFitness® massage, which help you keep a beautiful, youthful look, are obtained without the need for any external surgical elements, letting your own personal natural beauty shine through!

Chantal Lehmann certifies that you will see HoliFitness®’ wrinkle-smoothing effects, which do not alter your facial expressions, after your very first massage session. Your skin will be firmer and the contours of your face will be redefined. It goes without saying, that after receiving a few facial massage sessions, these breath-taking results will only be accentuated!

Feel free to contact us by telephone at 01 78 76 90 02 for more in-depth information about the “HoliFitness® Lyon 2016” course of massage treatments. Chantal Lehmann and her team are looking forward to meeting you soon.


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