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The HoliFitness® facial massage’s “natural face-lifting” effect has been scientifically proven!

Thousands of individuals dream about a miracle product with the power to naturally lift your skin or bring a youthful glow to your face without going through invasive surgery. This massage is presently creating a mini-revolution in the world of anti-aging treatments. The independent laboratory Spin Control conducted a study to measure the “anti-aging” effects of the HoliFitness® facial massage by CL. This study spanned several months and implemented the latest technologies. Spin Control’s verdict is finally in… the natural facelift exists and its waiting for you!

The clinical study that “legitimises” the HoliFitness® facial massage’s WOW effect

Conclusive scientific proof

The stars, major athletes and other individuals who have appointments at Chantal Lehman’s salon on a regular basis will not be surprised by this news which is soon to make a huge splash in the beauty industry. Yes, the HoliFitness® facial massage’s “anti-aging” effect has been scientifically proven.

Due to the incredible success of her HoliFitness® massage, Chantal Lehman made a bet to scientifically prove her facial massage’s famous “WOW effect.” The independent laboratory Spin Control lead a six month long clinical study and the results just came in – the bet was won, HoliFitness®’s anti-aging power has been officially confirmed.

The study showed that Chantal Lehman’s unique facial massage had positive short and long-term effects. In fact, one can notice an immediate and extraordinary anti-wrinkle effect after the very first massage. This effect can be seen on the entire face, especially on the frown lines - the zone the most frequently “botoxed” by plastic surgeons.

The study confirmed much more than this immediate WOW effect. It also showed that the massage had an effect on the deeper underlying layers of the skin after approximately ten HoliFitness® sessions received over a few months. It targets the section of the dermis that looses its density with age through improving microcirculation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The space between the deep dermis and the superficial layer was diminished. The skin also increased its firmness.

Redensification du derme avec HoliFitness, lifting naturel

The study showed that the HoliFitness® face massage, as its name implies, is a holistic massage. After having received this massage over a 6-month period 91% of panellists confirmed having felt a sense of inner well-being; a positive factor that other anti-aging methods can not so easily attest to.

Over a total period of 196 days, the independent laboratory Spin Control was able to precisely measure the effects HoliFitness® had on facial skin. Adhering to the specific restrictions of scientific protocols the cheeks, temples, crow’s-feet, smile and frown lines were examined, analyzed and measured.

Extremely elaborate machines using advanced technologies (such as Dynaskin) were used to scientifically prove the anti-aging effects of Chantal Lehman’s HoliFitness® facial massage. A procedure using structured light projection was used during the study to measure varying depths of the skin’s surface. These echographs were taken in order to measure the density of the space between the superficial dermis (showing physical signs of aging) and the deep dermis. Self-evaluation questionnaires were given periodically throughout the study.

The HoliFitness® facial massage’s anti-aging powers were scientifically proven

In order to test this massage’s rejuvenating power, 23 women and 9 men between the ages of 38 and 60 received 10 HoliFitness® massages over a 196-day period. These 32 volunteers, with an average age of 51, were carefully selected to participate in this revolutionary in vivo test. All of the volunteers showed signs of crow’s-feet, nasolabial folds, frown lines and sagging facial skin.

The results of this clinical study were like that of a bomb. An anti-wrinkle effect was observed only 30 minutes after the very first HoliFitness® massage! These effects were seen in the 3 most wrinkle-prone zones: the crow’s-feet, frown lines and the nasolabial fold!

The study also showed an improvement in skin elasticity, firmness and density. After 10 HoliFitness® facial massages the dermis was “reconstructed.” Science has proved that “natural face-liftings” exist and the panellists participating in the study agree.
Watch the following video to see what the panellists had to say about their experience:

A natural facelift: an anti-aging treatment with immediate and long-term results

The face massage’s extraordinary results

This major scientific study carried out by the laboratory Spin Control is the first its kind. It confirmed the study’s preliminary results revealed in last week’s article. It showed that immediately after the first HoliFitness® massage the crow’s-feet diminished in volume by an average of 43.2%, smile lines showed a 36.5% decrease in volume and the frown lines by 34%.

Disparition des rides du lion avec HoliFitness, massage facial Disparition de la patte d'oie avec HoliFitness, massage anti-rides

To be more precise, 30 minutes after the first HoliFitness® facial massage 94% of our panellists stated that their skin felt “more supple and smooth” and 81% felt “rejuvenated, de-wrinkled” and experienced a “lifting” effect.

After 5 massage sessions 91% of our panellists stated that they felt an “immediate firming effect” and that their “skin felt younger” and “more radiant.” 88% thought that their “wrinkles were less visible” and their “skin was visibly plumped.” They also confirmed that “the massage has an immediate firming effect.”

After 10 sessions 100% of the panellists said that their skin felt rejuvenated, 97% said their skin was firmer and 94% found their skin to be “younger, smoother, renewed, visibly plumped and relaxed.Overall levels of satisfaction concerning the following zones where high (between 69 and 79%): forehead, eyes, between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds, around the mouth and between the earlobes and the chin.

After receiving massages periodically over a 6-month period 79% of our panel of judges said that their friends “asked if they had had something done to their face.”

They were right! After 10 HoliFitness® sessions one’s skin is 15.8% firmer and the superficial dermal layer increases in density by 6.6%. The results of this treatment, which works on the zone most affected by density loss and sagging, are very significant.

HoliFitness®: the natural facelift by Chantal Lehmann

Numerous celebrities already have trust in Chantal Lehmann and her rejuvenating facial massage techniques. HoliFitness® is consistently ranked highly amongst natural anti-aging treatments in women’s magazines. Now the entire panel of judges in this study has attested to the effective power of this exclusive facial massage.

The volunteers answered 5 self-evaluation questionnaires at different stages throughout the experiment. The qualitative analysis of the anti-aging power of this face massage showed a 100% level of satisfaction with the obtained results right from the first session!

Chantal Lehman tells us more about the origin and the virtues of her revolutionary facial massage.

HoliFitness® is a complete anti-aging treatment; a natural facelift that works on women, men, young skin and mature skin alike.

This massage’s long-term effects on the density of the dermis and skin firmness were scientifically proven by this experiment’s results. This experiment was conducted using a precise protocol (Dynaskin, Echographs).

This face massage does not just reduce wrinkles and firm your facial skin. The study also concluded that the individuals received a more general benefit: the HoliFitness® facial massage produced a “relaxing” effect accompanied by a feeling of “interior well-being” in almost all of the panellists. Now we know why 100% of the judges left their 10 HoliFitness® sessions feeling “totally satisfied with the results obtained”…

The results of this clinical study officially validate the HoliFitness® facial massage’s anti-aging power. This natural facelift is a viable alternative to anti-wrinkle creams and plastic surgery. From now on the cosmetic surgery industry should count HoliFitness®, the natural facelift, amongst its available options. This organic alternative which induces well-being is making a dramatic entrance in the beauty industry! So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment at L’Espace Chantal Lehman!


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