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Facial massage therapist technician

Do you consider yourself to be a massage artist? Develop your talents by acquiring knowledge about the CL facial massage!

From Tokyo to New York, passing through Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok… Chantal LEHMANN travelled the globe for 17 years in order to create her wellbeing massages -massages that are holistic, high quality and personalized. She has offered her exclusive clientele these massages since 2009 at her massage centre in Boulogne.
As she further develops her brand and enterprise, Chantal Lehman is now looking for new and talented individuals.

After completing a 1-month training period you will have mastered all the tasks required for this job, particularly the following essential functions of this post: welcoming an exclusive clientele, an understanding and mastering of rules of the art of giving a personalized HoliFitness® massage -an exclusive anti-aging facial massage created by Chantal Lehmann which implements more than 120 different techniques.

Regardless of your previous field of work: aesthetics, alternative medicine, wellbeing massage, relaxation, meditation, sports or medical. If you are impassioned by massage, you have an understanding of touch, observation, listening and interpersonal skills and you are motivated by the idea of participating in a company that is in the early stages of development yet rapidly growing, you might be right for our new team.

Job description

  • Answering telephone calls and physically welcoming the clientele
  • Managing the appointment book
  • Implementing protocol for personalized HoliFitness® massages
  • Upholding your responsibilities through giving quality treatments
  • Maintaining a hygienic work space, including work materials
  • Assuring that all linens are clean and stocking edibles
  • Informing management about your activities, giving feedback about your experiences to other team members
  • Involvement in the company, addressing any client satisfaction problems
  • Cashier duties: monitoring and tracking sales and billing information
  • Giving advice about products and selling them
  • Assist with advertising and social media actions (updating website news, newsletters…)
  • Participating in organizing events according to required needs

Required skills

  • Education requirements: BTS in aesthetics, diploma in osteopathy, physical therapy, wellbeing massage practitioner or a certificate proving competence as a Spa practitioner
  • Experience: 5 years experience giving facial and body massages (knowledge about anatomy as well as massage and relaxation techniques required)
  • You are dynamic, positive, cheerful, genuine, reliable, thorough and exhibit autonomy while proving a capacity to conform to rules
  • You are a team worker
  • You are capable of conducting yourself professionally
  • You are able to present yourself in a manner which is adapted to the universe of beauty and luxury, you are capable of having good contact with others (including other staff members and a clientele with high-standards)
  • Proficiency in English is required


  • CDI (French permanent contract)
  • 35 hours per week
  • Preliminary 1-month training period

Before you are hired you will be given training in our massage protocols and the company spirit. Throughout the duration of your contract our managers will give you guidance and be sure that your skills are up-to-date.

  • You will be held to confidentiality and exclusivity clauses

Job start date

Summer 2016

Required documents

  • 1 or 2 recent photos
  • 1 resume
  • 1 handwritten cover letter (autobiographical essay format) must include information about your career path, meaningful or life-altering experiences and your reasons for applying. May be multiple pages in length.

Contact us

Via email at cc @

Or by telephone at our Paris location 01 45 08 59 41 and/or our Boulogne-Billancourt location 01 78 76 90 02.


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