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Shen: 4-handed massage

We invite you to experience an exclusive holistic treatment which is as physical as it is emotional, in the soft atmosphere of a cosy apartment where light from the beautiful surrounding district filters delicately through the windows.


Given with great sensibility, feeling and love, Shen is a 4-handed massage like no other! This extraordinary voyage will bring you to the source of your wellbeing.
The word Shen originates from Taoist philosophy. Shen is described as one of the 3 treasures which signifies the spiritual radiance created through the union of two opposing forces.
Shen, a holistic massage of rare intensity, is an experience given by two masseuses that are completely devoted to one another.

Given by a man and woman in complete synergy with your being, this ceremony rebalances your masculine and feminine energies. This holistic treatment will give you the time and space to feel free and allow you to achieve a state of total relaxation.


You are presently leaving for a 3-hour voyage, an experience of extreme wellbeing during which all of your senses will be awakened. Given on a tatamis, this 4-handed holistic treatment reunites numerous massage techniques from around the world in a fluid and efficient choreography centred on your body’s axis.

Shen is an experience which is filled with concentration, liberty, pleasure and tenderness.

During this holistic massage we will alternate between gliding, pressure-filled, vibrating, balanced and rhythmic movements to envelop you in a cacoon of immeasurable softness. Our gestures fall into 4 different rhythmic categories: slow, deep, rapid and soft.
During this voyage to the centre of your consciousness the yin and yang gather together as your entire physical being evacuates all of its tensions, realigning and calming itself.

Throughout the duration of your holistic treatment your body will be deeply relaxed, your emotions calmed, your energy centered and your body’s systems will open themselves and be purified. Once this voyage reaches its end you will feel supported, enveloped and cradled. This return to your source will open the doors to your emotional wellbeing and spiritual infinity.


Shen, a 4-handed holistic treatment, will calm you like no other massage. You will feel centred and in phase with yourself and the world around you. Shen is a supreme experience, an ultimate pleasure and a "special treat" whose quality is appreciated by massage lovers.

This holistic massage is a superb gift that you can treat yourself to before sharing it as a present to your loved ones.


Everyone should experience this unique holistic treatment at least once in their lives. Shen, created by Chantal Lehmann and Luka Leppard, creates moments of absolute pleasure which should be lived and relived as often as you want!

Shen: 4-handed massage

Available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 900 Euros
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Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments are available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations. The appointments take place in an apartment building of standing in a refined and confidential atmosphere.

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