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HoliFitness®: facial massage

We invite you to experience HoliFitness, a rejuvenating facial treatment by Chantal LEHMANN, in a discrete, intimate, refined and cosy apartment situated in a beautiful district.


This extremely sophisticated natural facelift is a spectacular and exclusive treatment which visibly rejuvenates the face showing visible affects after the first session.

Your appointment starts with a long observation session during which we study the marks left on your face over time. Frown or laugh lines, crow’s feet, expression lines between the eyebrows and facial sagging, every sign of aging is inventoried to serve as a baseline for the execution of this natural facelift which will rejuvenate your face.
To complete this minute inspection we make you smile and frown to identify the map of your facial muscles, including those on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes.

Once this assessment is finished we create a personalized facial massage protocol that will naturally reinvigorate your face without modifying your expressions.

Holifitness massage visagePhoto: Kerstin Nussbächer


Comfortably lying on the massage table under a soft towel, your rejuvenating facial massage will start with a few abdominal and pectoral breathing exercises meant to relax you and make your muscles receptive to "plumping." This “bodybuilding” facial massage invented by C. Lehmann to reduce facial sagging was also inspired by an indoor sports protocol.

  • Your HoliFitness® facial massage starts with a warm-up session during which we generously massage your shoulders, upper back and neck. In order to relax and prepare your face for the massage we stretch your trapezius muscles which, with the help of your neck muscles, support your head.
  • During the next “plumping” phase we warm-up your facial muscles using precise massage techniques in order to bring oxygen to the tissues and eliminate toxins which interfere with the complexion.
  • At the same time we rebalance your energies and work on certain meridians to improve under-eye bags, water-retention, grey complexions, etc.
  • After a makeup removal process performed with long deep gestures a serum is applied to the face and the rejuvenating massage of your facial muscles begins. The muscles of your face are interconnected and often work against each other. During this facial massage these muscles are worked in a different way to release this tension.
  • We then guide your facial muscles to make contractions or stretches in order to raise your facial features and replump sagging zones.

Massage des muscles du visagePhoto: Kerstin Nussbächer

The structures supporting muscles, crow’s feet, the area between the nose and the upper lip, cheekbones and the corner of the lips, every little muscle that is responsible for your facial sagging is worked on. This facial massage causes deep muscle stimulation which reshapes your face and naturally reduces wrinkles.

HoliFitness® benefits: the natural facelift by Chantal LEHMANN

HoliFitness®, the extraordinary anti-aging holistic treatment, leaves your face rejuvenated right from the first session while keeping all of your facial expressions intact.
Gazing into the mirror you will happily notice that the shape of your face has been refreshed, your complexion is radiant, your facial features smoothed and your cheekbones raised. Your facial features that had begun to sag over time will literally be re-sculpted by the plumping effects of this massage! Your detoxified skin will be healthier and exude a luminous glow.

Test out the WOW effect of Chantal LEHMANN’S rejuvenating facial massage whose addictive pleasure will only amplify with every session.
You are now convinced that there is a real alternative to cosmetic surgery and injections to achieve radiant beauty: the plumping facial massage by CL.

HoliFitness® is your 100 % natural alternative, guaranteed over time.

Lifting naturelPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


To stabilize the effects of HoliFitness® over time you need to have 4 sessions in the first 2 months followed by one maintenance session every month. The younger you are when you start this plumping massage the more this treatment will hinder the appearance of wrinkles and prevent facial sagging. HoliFitness® is available in a “Young” version for those under 30 who wish to prevent aging and sagging of their facial skin.

HoliFitness® is a natural beauty trick that can be used before a big occasion to give you an extra glow. An extraordinary natural facelift, HoliFitness® is the precious gift all women dream about…

HoliFitness®: plumping facial massage

Available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations.

  • Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Price: 250 Euros, 350 Euros with Chantal Lehmann

HoliFitness® Young: facial massage for those under 30

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Price: 150 Euros

HoliFitness® & HoliFitness® Young are also available in bundle packages.

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Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments are available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations. The appointments take place in an apartment building of standing in a refined and confidential atmosphere.

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