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HoliDetox: detox massage

You will receive your holistic detoxification treatment by Chantal LEHMANN in a cosy apartment in a beautiful district.


First we will have a long discussion with you about your lifestyle and your dietary habits: Do you do sports? Is your food intake more acidic or basic? How do you sleep? Do you sometimes feel abdominal discomfort, etc.

This precious information will help us create the basic structure of your detoxifying massage whose protocol will evolve throughout the duration of the massage in order to successfully eliminate toxins from your body. Created with a holistic approach, HoliDetox reunites the best body detoxifying techniques from all the cultures of the world which Chantal LEHMANN learned while studying under the greatest masters.

This super personalized detoxifying massage deeply cleans your body.

Detoxifier le corps avec le massage HoliDetoxPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


Comfortably lying on the massage table, enveloped by the soft light that is filtering through the windows and a delicate scent of incense, your toxin eliminating treatment begins.

During this 4-hour long "nirvana-like" voyage created by Chantal LEHMANN we will massage your entire body to eliminate even the most deeply buried toxins. We will reproduce ancient techniques and extremely precise gestures that we have borrowed from Thai, Chinese, Ayurevedic, Korean, Californian and Swedish cultures.

We will chose the detox techniques that are the most suited to you in order to bring buried toxins to the surface of the body so that they can be eliminated. Among the many massage techniques performed we use Kalari Payatu Kai Uzishil an ancient branch of Kung Fu created in 1,500 BC in Kerala, India, cradle of Ayurevedic tradition.

In order to clean their bodies and rebalance their energies the Indians practiced a body detoxification called Palcha Karma every 5 years. For 5 weeks the Indians ate a specific diet that was adapted to the body’s energy and received daily massages which were practiced on the floor in postures that promote deep body detoxification.

The eliminating protocols of HoliDetox our holistic massage reproduce the Palcha Karma massage rituals. This massage relaxes the body and improves flexibility while drawing out the toxins that are often trapped in joints and in the insertion points of muscles.
We will work on the 3 channels (called Nadis) which transport vital energy (called Prana, Chi or Ki depending on the culture).

Sushumna the first Nadi passes by all the Chakras circulating its energy 56 minutes before sunset and 56 minutes after sunrise. Ida the second Nadi is associated with masculine attributes (action) and descends the right side of the spine. Whereas the third Nadi Pingala descends the left side of the spine and is associated with feminine attributes including calm and emotion.

This ritual is an integral part of the natural process of toxin elimination.

Eliminer les toxines avec HoliDetoxPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


HoliDetox, our holistic treatment for eliminating toxins from the body, is like using a magic wand bringing you deep wellbeing.

HoliDetox resets your physical and emotional being while cleaning your body of its toxins and rebalancing your energies, leaving your body rejuvenated and calming your spirit! We also give you personalized dietary advice that will boost and prolong the effects of this detoxifying body massage.


The HoliDetox holistic massage should be received at every change of season. The body needs to eliminate toxins and to fill up on positive energies in order to better adapt to the great changes that take place every season. One should receive HoliDetox a few weeks before and after every change of season.

HoliDetox: detox massage

Available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 600 Euros
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