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HoliBelly: stomach massage

We invite you to experience your HolliBelly energy rebalancing holistic treatment by Chantal LEHMANN in the intimate ambiance of a cosy apartment tucked away in a beautiful district.


The session begins with a conversation about your physical and emotional state, your lifestyle and your dietary habits. Once we have made an assessment of your energy we will begin forming an understanding of your needs in order to rebalance your energy.

The HoliBelly stomach massage protocols are unique because there are none! It is a completely personalized holistic treatment. Empathy and feeling are essential to this unique and intuitive ritual because your emotional state will guide our hands on the path to your wellbeing.

Massage du ventre HoliBelly, soin holistiquePhoto: Mathieu Baumer


Now you are comfortable lying on your back and your energy balancing massage begins with a few breaths from the abdomen which promote a state of deep relaxation and improve the levels of oxygen in the body.
We continue your massage, which is more or less centred on the abdomen, using a patchwork of maneuvers and alternating pressures.

To rebalance your energy during this stomach massage we have obtained the best practices from 5 abdominal massage techniques from around the world:

  • Thai,
  • Qi Nei Zang,
  • Ayurvedic,
  • Tui Na,
  • Lomilomi.

It has been said that the stomach is the body’s second brain, cradle of our emotions and that each vital organ is connected to ones emotions. Energy fluxes traverse your body and our stomach massage invigorates your Kyo points while calming your Jitsu points in order to re-establish balance amongst your energies.

Massage HoliBelly par C. LehmannPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

We adapt each of our gestures with precision depending on what we feel while massaging your abdomen. Your body dictates the framework of this stomach massage. The detoxifying actions of this abdominal massage will activate an elimination process that will dissipate toxins that have been blocked in the intestine while rebalancing the circulation of your body’s energies.


HoliBelly our energy rebalancing holistic treatment will calm you right from your first session. You will feel deeply relaxed and your breathing will be calmer. Beyond its energy balancing qualities, HoliBelly will bring you abdominal comfort by stimulating the process of elimination, reinforcing your immune system and bring you a rare and intense feeling of wellbeing.

HoliBelly’s benefits accumulate with each session.

HoliBelly by CLPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


Chantal Lehmann’s HoliBelly stomach massage should be received twice a month in a course of 6-12 sessions.
The HoliBelly wellbeing ritual pairs well with our HoliBreath breathing courses and exercises.

HoliBelly: stomach massage

Available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: 350 Euros
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Price: 250 Euros
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