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Aesthetic massages and wellbeing

Chantal LEHMANN draws upon the knowledge from the lessons she received while travelling the world to create her holistic massage rituals and treatments. Her thirst for learning continuously pushes her to gather new skills so she can offer you the most efficient and personalized holistic massages and treatments possible. Chantal brings you an informed mix of massage techniques and treatments that come from cultures where massage is an art of living.

Chantal Lehmann's other holistic massages and treatments


Chantal LEHMANN is very inspired by Asia and acquired her knowledge and technique of precise gestures in Japan, China, Thailand and India. She uses this gathered knowledge to create her holistic massages.

The protocols of refined massages

The accumulated knowledge from the prestigious schools Chantal LEHMANN attended, the masters that trained her and the richness she gained through her experiences traveling allow her to devise refined massage protocols which provide unparalleled wellbeing to her clients while guiding them on a unique exploration of the self. She draws upon traditional and alternative medicines such as Ayurveda, Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine in her unique practices.

A distinct approach to holistic treatments

Without aligning herself with massage physiotherapy, medical or therapeutically based practices, Chantal Lehmann’s distinct approach to holistic treatments contributes to a healthier lifestyle, overall inner balance and personal fulfilment.

To relax physical, mental and emotional tensions

By considering massage an art and the action of massaging as an art of living Chantal Lehmann uses massage as a technique to relax physical, mental and emotional tensions in order to bring a well-calibrated mixture of calm and energy to the body and spirit. Nevertheless for her, her collaborators and thusly her clientele, massage is a means to achieve a pacified inner state where the body and the spirit rediscover themselves in harmonious unification.

Among the techniques used to refine her exclusive holistic massages and treatments…


Means “finger pressure” in Japanese

Shiatsu is a manual therapy of Japanese origin that was inspired by Chinese massage. The thumbs, sometimes the other fingers and even the palm of the masseuse’s hands are used to put vertical pressure on the recipient’s body.
Shiatsu is based in traditional Japanese medicine and takes the knowledge of modern anatomy into account. It is used to prevent numerous organic and functional problems.

Before Shiatsu massage became a regulated discipline in Japan, where a state-recognized diploma can be acquired, this massage technique was used as a natural means to relax and relieve the body. Shiatsu was commonly practiced in public bathhouses and among family members.

Chantal Lehmann massage shiatsuPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

Dien Cham

The “face diagnostic”

The Dien Chan is a facial reflexology method that was created in the 1980s in Vietnam. This method relies on the stimulation of reflex zones with the aid of little massage instruments.
These fixed points on the face are stimulated without the use of acupuncture needles.


A holistic approach to treatment

Reflexology is a branch of alternative holistic treatment which is rooted in the belief that each organ in the human body as well as certain psychological functions are linked to referral areas or zones of the hands, feet and ears.

The French Federation of Reflexologists (fédération française de réflexologie) recognizes the following numerous benefits of reflexology:

  • Relaxation- stress is the origin of numerous physical and psychological dysfunctions
  • Activating the circulation of blood and lymph, mobilizing toxins, stimulating organs that remove bodily waste (liver, kidney…) and regulating the nervous system
  • Preventing, relieving and curing a large number of problems and promoting self-regulation

This massage is not recommended for those who have recently become pregnant or suffer from:

  • Inflammation of the feet or localised injury
  • Recent cardiac problems
  • Circulatory problems (phlebitis…)

Chantal Lehmann massage reflexologiePhoto: Mathieu Baumer

Thai massage

Ancient and traditional

Thai massage is an ancient and traditional massage method practiced in Thailand. It stimulates the circulation of fluids in the body and improves flexibility.

Thai massage originated in India where it was once practiced as a medical therapy. This technique incorporates the entire body of the recipient and works on the liberation of lines of energy. This holistic treatment is based on the theory that if a body is not well the spirit is weakened thus it is believed that Thai massage liberates lines of energy in the body to improve this state.


Purification of the body and spirit

Āyurveda or Ayurveda is an alternative traditional medical practice rooted in ancient Indian. This holistic treatment is practiced in various parts of the world.

Ayurveda draws on the teachings of the Vedas, a collection of sacred texts originating in ancient India. Ayurvedic holistic treatments are very popular in south Asia and are recognized as a traditional medical system by the World Health Organization. The 3 axes of this holistic treatment are: curing illnesses, maintaining health and self-realization.

The objective of the Ayurvedic practice is to purify the body and the spirit by provoking the elimination of toxins for preventive purposes. Thus the Ayurvedic practice recommends performing a periodic detoxification, ideally with every change of season, in order to avoid illness by maintaining equilibrium between the body and spirit. The Ayurvedic approach to massage and treatments integrates a system of nutritional recommendations.

Massages esthétiques et bien-êtrePhoto: Mathieu Baumer

Californian massage

Also known as “sensitive massage”

Californian massage enters into the category of massages that include a process of "internalization" through massage. Therefore it can prove beneficial to combine this massage technique with psychotherapy.
Californian massage is above all used to relax and incorporates the use of oils. This technique alternates the use of long delicate movements with more vigorous gestures to relax muscles. Rocking movements and stretches are used to let go of the conscious self and stimulate the senses.

Chantal Lehmann massage californienPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

Swedish massage

Classic massage

Swedish massage uses several techniques including fulling, petrissage (kneading), friction rotations and tapping motions to target specific locations. The masseuse employs these gestures with different ranges of pressure depending on the recipient’s needs.

Tendons, muscles and joints are massaged in order to achieve deep relaxation. The anti-stress effects of this massage are recognized around the world. The Swedish massage is used in Germany as a medical treatment that stimulates the circulation of blood in the muscles, relaxes muscle tension and allows the muscles regain their elasticity.

Chi Nei Zang

Emotions in harmony

In order to harmonize one’s emotions the stomach massage or Chi Nei Tsang works on the abdomen through liberating stored up negative energy. In Chinese medicine the stomach is considered to be our second brain or the seat of our emotions.
Whether they are positive or negative, emotions that emanate from the abdomen influence our physical state. Chi Nei Tsang is a holistic treatment that relies on five major bodily systems: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular and energetic.

According to Taoist philosophy problems and worries become lodged in the spleen, pancreas and stomach whereas jealousy, frustration and anger are centred in the liver. Sadness and depression are associated with the lungs while fear, phobias and traumas are centralized in the kidneys.

The stomach massage Chi Nei Tsang allows these trapped feelings to be liberated in order to achieve a "balanced" emotional state.

Chantal Lehmann massage qi-nei-zangPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


Hawaiian massage

The Hawaiian massage or lomilomi is an ancient massage technique that the indigenous Polynesians from Hawaii and other traditional healers have passed on for numerous generations.
Lomilomi is a massage which connects the body and is performed with hot oil. The body and the soul are brought back to the source of life thanks to sweeping rapid movements made with the forearm.

Chantal Lehmann massage lomi-lomiPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


The energy of wellbeing

Reiki is an alternative holistic treatment of a person’s energy that originates from Japan. Through specific hand placement "energy" is transmitted in order to relieve suffering, bring mental calm, inner peace and general wellbeing.

Even though this holistic treatment has had numerous followers in the West neither the existence of Ki nor the effectiveness of Reiki have been scientifically proven.

Chantal Lehmann massage shiatsuPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

Tui na massage

Stimulate one’s being and spirit

Tui na massage comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and brings into account the meridians and points of acupuncture in the body. Tui na is used as a preventative tool against many health problems.
Tui na expels blocked energy and stimulates proper energy flow to rebalance the body and the spirit’s energy.

Modelage holistique Chantal LehmannPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

Traditional Chinese Medicine

A holistic approach to the human being

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) analyses the proper functioning of a healthy human being from psychological and anatomical perspectives. Due to its holistic approach TMC tries to understand an individual as a whole, no matter their physical state, by managing the equilibrium of internal energy.

For over 5,000 years TCM has tried to explain the causes of certain illnesses and the biological and psychological mechanisms that they affect.


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