A holistic approach to personal care, massage and wellbeing

“Massage is an art, massaging is the art of living”

Chantal LEHMANN offers you an original high quality concept… In a confidential atmosphere you will be enveloped in an experience exclusively tailored to your needs which will awaken your senses and your beauty…

The most prestigious brands from Sisley to Guerlain have sought out Chantal LEHMANN to create their massage protocols. Lehman has gathered knowledge from 15 years of travel, personal encounters, research and training. This knowledge enables her to understand your body’s specific needs. Through rituals of care and unique massages she uses her sensitivity to reveal an overall vision of your being.

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The Chantal LEHMANN locale

The Chantal LEHMANN team welcomes you in the refined settings of their cosy apartment for private sessions where you are given full attention. A moment of wellbeing just for you…

In the press

The natural facelift by CL is finally in Lyon, France: it’s time to make an appointment for your premium course of treatments!

21 October 2016

You have been waiting with bated breath. HoliFitness® will finally be available at the famous Centre Cléage, a temple of beauty and rejuvenation located in the Rhône valley. Starting September 2016 (...)

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Anti-aging tips: 3 simple ways to age gracefully and stay young

21 October 2016

Even though man has not yet uncovered the secrets to eternal life, a variety of techniques for aging gracefully and staying healthy do exist. Today Chantal Lehmann will unveil three simple and (...)

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Massages on video

Discover the incredible efficiency of Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments through images…


The anti-burnout

Eric, 50 years old
“HoliBusiness- to avoid burning out.”
As company manager (...)

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Natural facelift

Karine, 40 years old
“HoliFitness®- my alternative to Botox.”
I found out (...)

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